Exterior Paint – 5 Bedroom Home – Murphy, Texas

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We would like to share a project that we wrapped up towards the end of October. The homeowner reached out to us directly and asked if we could paint the exterior of her home. Thankfully fall was abnormally warm this year so we had the opportunity to work on this home and oh boy did it turn out well!

The homeowner’s home is a 5 room 4,000sq foot home, which had some steep slopes on the roof. This presented some interesting challenges but nothing that we cannot handle!

The original color of the home was gray and the homeowner decided to go with a different shade of brown this time.

Here is a photo showing the home before we started.


Here is a photo showing the home after we were finished!


The home owner also asked us to stain her door, here is a close up of our quality work!


When we completed our work the home owner was extremely satisfied! Even the neighbors next door complimented us on the quality of our workmanship!

Even though the year is coming to a close it is not too late for you to improve your home for the start of the new year! If the weather cooperates we are still performing exterior paint jobs, however we are happy to provide a bid and put you down for later in the year if you wish.

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