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We were contacted by a customer in Irving Texas, she was wanting a painter to come in and repaint her cabinets.

Once we arrived on the job site we immediately begin sanding down the old surfaces to prepare them for paint.

Once the sanding is complete we took some the old paint to home depot to match up the colors and get the new paint. Years of experience made this usual painstaking process a breeze.

Once we got the paint we immediately begin repainting all of the surfaces at the customers request.

The customer had upper and lower level cabinets, they were both repainted…

The cabinets near the entrance to the living room turned out great as well!

Once the original task of painting the kitchen cabinets was complete we were offered a second unexpected job at this residence. We were asked to paint three rooms in this home, the first room being the living room.

Second bedroom…

Third bedroom…

All of the rooms turned out great and when we left the home the customer was very excited since we were able to complete the job on time and on budget, while providing quality workmanship!


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