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Today we have a customer that contacted us to help remove some sharp edges on the plaster inside of their home.

The customer stated that they had to watch their elbows in the hallway due to them getting scratched by the plaster in the hallway…that is how sharp this stuff was!

The entire hallway was covered with the stuff!

We began working by covering the floor to protect it from being damaged. After that we started sanding down the plaster on the walls until it was smooth and safe to the touch.

This stuff was persistent but we were able to get the rough edges finally smoothed out…

Once the rough edges were smoothed out we repainted all of the walls in the home, this plaster was all over the hallways and also living room areas of the home.

Here are some photos of the living areas once the work was completed.

We left this customer extremely pleased, we were able to come in and fix a problem for the customer while not causing them any additional headaches.

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